In the early nineties Bang Bang LaDesh made her first appearance on the dancefloor of the Belgian Club Scene. With her genderfluid, cyberpunk, colortripping outfits she quickly became a flamboyant not to be missed persona. A visit to New York’s Limelight, Tunnel and Filthy Whore, where she mingled with the hottest clubkids, inspired her to take the party home. Within weeks she took the stages of most trending clubs like Café d’Anvers, La Démence, La Rocca, Kokorico and Red & Blue. With staggering performances as a fire spitting mermaid or a blood vomiting Goth she made an impression on the scene never to be forgotten. Defying every boundary of sexuality, good taste and fashion she was a wanted personality in club and party land.


By the mid-nineties, Bang Bang mutated from clubkid into the most outrageous dragqueen Belgium had seen so far. Inspired by artists like Pierre et Gilles, Leigh Bowery, Steve Strange, Rupaul, Pete Burns and many, many more, her creativity blossomed.

Bang Bang LaDesh became a phenomenon not to be ignored. With her sisters in crime Baby V, Kiki De Paris and Za Za Troela, she formed “The Disco Sluts From Outer Space” and they became party whores de luxe.

Bang Bang and Za Za Troela released their own version of Abba’s iconic track ‘Dancing Queen’ as singing drag duo ‘Peaches’.


The media was intrigued by LaDesh. Proof of which a stream of newspaper clippings, magazine features and TV and radio show appearances. She shared the stage with The Voice of Europe Eddy Wally, Lords of Acid, Rozalla and Marisa Turner. In between her weekly gigs in Belgium, she performed in Amsterdam, Ibiza, Cologne and London to finally settle for a fixed job extraordinaire.


For 4 years, Bang Bang LaDesh hosted the legendary crazy party nights at Tops Restaurant in Antwerp every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, where she worked the room as an MC. Driven by high energy fun, a big mouth and groovy beats, Bang Bang and her team took the house down night after night.

Nothing was ever too crazy, the madness never stopped. Until 2006, when Bang Bang mysteriously disappeared from the scene.

Now ten years later, the glamazon is back for your pleasure. Alive, kicking and fierce, ready to lift your spirit and take you for a ride.

Buckle up because here comes trouble….. again!